Artist holding a small painting LMCC, which is a landscape of the Hudson river and New Jersey, seen from his studio at the LMCC WorkSpace Residency on the Hudson Street. Pink and blue color with black lines. Also seen is a painting of protest and Peer to Peer. Studio view of paintings, showing the edge of canvases. White gesso drip naturally on top of blue masking tapes. A medium sized painting of two figures in flourescent pink inside of dark green cenote, a natural pit of underground water. A studio shot of the artist holding wireless antennals and small computer, attached to a colorful painting. The painting has blue and pink strokes, and black letterings such as Uncertainty School, Local Wifi. Bookshelf painted in blue and pink, details of books and cats. Artist portrait in his home studio in Parkside, Brooklyn. Taeyoon is sitting on the floor, weating a light blue colored shirt and blue pants. He's wearing glasses and has combed hair. Behind him are work in progress paintings of various sizes. Photo by Joe Swide. Studio view of work in progress paintings. Cartoon figures in unfinished paintings. Small green painting with many layers of colorful illustrations. Four figures are represented in the cartoon characters. They are holding protest signs, also rubber cones for streets are floating in the scene. WYFY School, contains letterings Board of the Wise. Hot pink background with red stroke that divides the plane in half. Rounded stroke creates a sense of space, like a stadium and open sky. Black ink drawing of a figure holding a clear tube, that is larger than them. Three unexpressive cartoon faces looking blank. A pcartoon figure sitting in the background. A studio shot of three or more paintings. Colorful shapes and letterings. One of the painting has words Close up of a painting containing cartoon characters, mushroom and plants. Most of them have facial features and have been anthropomorphicized. The birds by Jenny Odell. The birds are being welcomed by soft, bright human friends. Perhaps they’ve returned from a long migration. One gets the sense that they are much loved – the humans are embracing them and bringing their faces near, checking to see how they’re doing. Against the pastel sky, the birds are a velvety dark blue and each one is as big as a boat. Indeed, they might be appreciated not just as friends but as conveyances, since at least one person is casually seated on an obliging bird friend. Another person turns and beckons to others in the distance, where more bright figures are arriving in a line, pilgrimage-like, to greet the birds. Though it’s impossible to read the expression on the birds’ dark faces – as it is with all birds – their unruffled acquiescence suggests that this is a happy reunion for bird and human alike. Two paintings of the forest and woods Figure with a leash, trees, yellow ochre background. Photo by Kyungjun Lee Blue painting with a stroke of pink overlay and teal overlay. A dreamy landscape with trees and lambs or goats in the background. Slight suggestion of figures in the foreground. Small painting with pastel colors, many layers of juxtapositions. Cartoon faces, looking calm and protected. Feeling secure and loved. Geogetric shapes of trees juxtaposed with the faces. Sparse landscape with a pink mushroom and three blue trees on yellow background. Skateboard paintings set in Recess. White tiled walls and big green tree. alt text Close up of cartoon faces painted on a skateboard. One has a male figure and another has a female figure. Magenta figures defined by negative space Digital: Black/gray gestures on white ground Analog - Thick brush strokes in ble and black. white strokes overlay Charcoal drawing of an angry dog, applied on a wooden sculpture of a cartoon dog shape. A person pushing or climbing a dog. Yellow ochre background. Green stars on the top and bottom of the dog. The dog is much larger than the person. Lush strokes in baby blue, in front of a dark blue background. Flourescent yellow sail in triangle form. Two abstract figures in a boat. A dark and energetic painting with pink, purple background and large strokes in light yellow. The shape of a person's silhouette. Ghostly, uncertain figure with cones, blue & fluorescent yellow marks. alt text Large painting of pastel colored landscape with cartoon figures, cat shapes and suggestions of mountains and trees. Two small golden figures holding a string. A collection of work in progress and old projects. A large cut out of Community, made of black and white ink drawing on a wooden panel. A small paper piece with Uncomputable cartoon figure. A teal color figure on a yellow and orange background. A person sitting comfortably in their room. Four windows in pink beige color. Large painting with colorful shapes, set in a summer night in a forest. Pink animal figures of cats, goats and people. Curvy landscape of trees and natural elements. Light blue colored figures reclining. Photographed while set up on a bookshelf. Artist portrait in his studio in Recess. Taeyoon is sitting in front of a large window looking out to a tree. He is wearing a white shirt and grey pants. He's an Asian men in his mid-thirties, wearing glasses and has a medium length hair combed to his right. A few paintings are visible in the studio. Installation views of paintings at Recess. Five paintings are visible from the photographs, in various sizes. Also included are a few skateboards and sculptures. Installation views of paintings at Recess. Seven paintings are visible from the photographs, in various sizes. Cartoon figures of faces, stacked on top of each other. Four faces in an array. The center four faces are colored with orange paint. The piece is constructed of irregular shape that looks like a tombstone.