All paintings by Taeyoon Choi.

Poems by various collaborators, including Jenny Odell, Jessica Lynne, Xuan Juliana Wang, Minwhee Lee, Allyson Paty, Everest Pipkin, Nick Montfort and Allison Parrish.

Website by Ritu Ghiya.

Technical support by Cezar Mocan.

Photographs by Kyungjun Lee, Joe Swide, and Minu Han.

Alt text by Taeyoon Choi

This website contains paintings by Taeyoon Choi and ekphrastic collaborations with his friends, poets and writers. Collaborators were invited to creatively interpret the paintings. This website is designed with accessibility for the Blind and visually impaired audience in mind. The website also contains Alt-Text with visual interpretation of the paintings. The website was inspired by Alt-Text as Poetry workshop by Shannon Finnegan. The website was designed and developed by Ritu Ghiya in 2019. For code, please visit the project repository.